The AI Field And Its Impact

The catalyst for previous and future revolutions to come

Richmond Alake
9 min readMar 30


AI impact on human lives — Image by Author (Midjourney)

Are people scared of the impact of AI?

Are you scared of the impact of AI?

The potential that AI has in our lives is immense. With the popularity of large language models(LLMs) powered applications like ChatGPT, the looming thought that AI can actually replace you is an nth GPT generation away.

It would be naive of me as an AI professional not to realise the impact the tools and applications we build on a day-to-day basis can have, both positive and negative.

Three years ago, I wrote an article that explored algorithmic bias and its impact. And never could I have imagined the field would advance as much as it currently has.


Six month Pause on AI?

And prominent figures in the tech field are becoming more aware of the prowess of GPT-4 like systems and the inability of governing bodies and regulations to keep up with technological advancement. Elon Musk, Yoshua Bengio, Stuart Russell, and Steve Wozniak signed an open letter to pause "Giant AI experiments" for six months.

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I might explore this 'pause' on AI in another article. I don't know what my opinion on it is as of yet.

Defining AI

But let's briefly discuss artificial intelligence(AI); more specifically, let's focus on how impactful as a technology AI has been. This differs from those 'AI will take over the world.' articles. But instead, this is more of an exploration into the development of AI, viewed from its impact on human life. And Rest assured, this article is not a history lesson of AI — you can find plenty of content on the internet for that.

We can view the fluidity in the definition of AI as a feature, not a bug.

AI means a number of things to various individuals, and you would be right if you assumed that there isn't a concrete definition of what we refer to as AI.



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