RIchmond Alake Podcast: Eva Esteban

Richmond Alake Podcast: Eva Esteban

OpenBCI’s Affordable Tools for Neuroscience: Exploring the Mind-Brain Interface

Richmond Alake
2 min readMar 16


The human brain is one of the most complex organs in the body, and scientists have been trying to understand its functioning for centuries. With advancements in technology, we can now explore the mysteries of the brain more effectively than ever.

OpenBCI is a company that has been working towards developing affordable tools for neuroscience, allowing researchers and individuals to measure brain activity and gain a deeper understanding of the mind-brain interface.

In a recent podcast episode, Eva Esteban, an Embedded Software Engineer at OpenBCI, discussed the company’s work and mission to democratize neuroscience.

The company has developed various tools, including headsets that measure EEG activity, EMG sensors, heart rate sensors, and sweat sensors. These tools are designed to be affordable and accessible, making it easier for researchers and individuals to explore the brain’s functions.

OpenBCI’s VR headset, Galea, is one of their latest products. It has integrated sensors to measure brain activity, facial muscle activity, heart rate, eye tracking, eye electrical activity, and skin sweat. The headset is initially targeted towards institutions and research labs, but the company aims to make it available to individuals in the future.

The podcast with Eva delves into the philosophical aspect of the mind and the brain as an interface to understanding the world around us. We discuss the potential implications and possibilities of BCIs, including the challenges of dealing with large amounts of data and the potential for creating a divide between those who can afford the technology and those who cannot.

Eva also shares that both invasive and non-invasive BCIs have a place in the world and are complementary technologies. The potential of BCIs is vast, from helping those with disabilities communicate to allowing us to control…



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