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The rewards gained from learning and practising this skill consistently could propel your career to new heights

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Data Science as a discipline and profession demands its practitioners possess various skills, ranging from soft skills such as communication, leadership to hard skills such as deductive reasoning, algorithmic thinking, programming, and so on. …

Understand the basics of AI and get started with deep learning and computer vision

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Artificial Intelligence is The trending topic of the decade and will continue to be. So it’s no surprise that disciplines associated with AI are in high demand and short supply. Consequently, there’s been an increase in the number of individuals interested in understanding the practical aspects and fundamentals of AI…

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It’s precisely one year and ten months since I got my first professional role within the AI domain as a Computer Vision Engineer at a London based game studio. A lot has happened since then, let me mention a few:

  • AI Advisor for two startups: Genten and Readable Tech
  • Technical…

A practical introduction to the world of Computer Vision with TensorFlow and Keras

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What does it take to understand Computer Vision, Deep Learning and AI?

For me, it took one year of exploring machine learning, another year undertaking an MSc in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics, and finally just under two years of working as a professional Computer Vision Engineer.

And to…

Deep Learning

This article contains introductory information on Deep Learning and related topics for beginners.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning is a machine learning field that utilises artificial neural networks(ANNs) to learn patterns from data.

A rudimentary explanation to the way deep learning works is that the ANNs attempt to mimic, in some form, how the human brain functions (although this will be oversimplifying how it works).


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