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My Plan and Strategy. Feel free to borrow

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The machine learning industry moves at the speed of innovation. Daily developments and progress pushes the frontier of ML and AI just that bit further.

As a practising machine learning engineer, it can be challenging to keep up with the pace of developments that occurs within the industry. I find…

Here’s a revelation I’ve lately accepted…I do not enjoy writing

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Although I’ve spent a significant portion of my professional career sitting behind a computer, pounding away at my keyboard, I’ve done so as a Software Engineer rather than a writer.

What I appreciate most about writing is the growth of my personality and the job advantages and, yes, the additional…

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Algorithms are commonplace in the world of data science and machine learning. Algorithms power social media applications, Google search results, banking systems, and plenty more. Therefore, it’s paramount that Data Scientists and machine-learning practitioners have an intuition for analyzing, designing, and implementing algorithms.

Efficient algorithms have saved companies millions of…

How to understand the AI/ML research publications

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Is it necessary for data scientists or machine-learning experts to read research papers?

The short answer is yes. And don’t worry if you lack a formal academic background or have only obtained an undergraduate degree in the field of machine learning.

Reading academic research papers may be intimidating for individuals…

There’s a chance this could be the article that gets you started

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Primarily the dual purpose of writing has been to preserve and transfer knowledge across communities, organizations, and so on. Writing within the machine-learning domain is used for the sole purposes mentioned. There are prominent individuals that have placed immense time and effort in advancing the frontier of machine learning and…

Getting Started

The rewards gained from learning and practising this skill consistently could propel your career to new heights

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Data Science as a discipline and profession demands its practitioners possess various skills, ranging from soft skills such as communication, leadership to hard skills such as deductive reasoning, algorithmic thinking, programming, and so on. …

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You now have an easier method of sifting through life-changing and brain-enhancing dialogues from distinguished experts.

"The following is a conversation within *insert name of exceptional human here*…."

That's how Lex Fridman starts the introduction to each episode of his podcast. I describe it to those unfamiliar with the podcast as an opportunity to eavesdrop into a collection of free-flowing dialogue from world-renowned experts in various…

Understand the basics of AI and get started with deep learning and computer vision

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Artificial Intelligence is The trending topic of the decade and will continue to be. So it’s no surprise that disciplines associated with AI are in high demand and short supply. Consequently, there’s been an increase in the number of individuals interested in understanding the practical aspects and fundamentals of AI…

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It’s precisely one year and ten months since I got my first professional role within the AI domain as a Computer Vision Engineer at a London based game studio. A lot has happened since then, let me mention a few:

  • AI Advisor for two startups: Genten and Readable Tech
  • Technical…

Richmond Alake

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