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The machine learning industry moves at the speed of innovation. Daily developments and progress pushes the frontier of ML and AI just that bit further.

As a practising machine learning engineer, it can be challenging to keep up with the pace of developments that occurs within the industry. I find that complacency, even for a short period, can set you back months or years behind the frontier of ML.

This article details some of the steps I’m taking in 2021 to stay relevant to the industry in terms of expertise and general domain knowledge. …

Five ways to sharpen your programming skills from a machine learning practitioner’s perspective.

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I hate programming!

That’s what I used to tell my cohorts during an internship seven years ago. And it was true. I avoided programming projects like a maskless individual on public transport.

Fast forward to today, I’ve gained two advanced degrees in coding related subjects, worked as a web developer in five different companies, and now I’m a Computer Vision Engineer.

I love programming!

That's what I tell anyone that asks why I’m so enthusiastic about technology. My love for programming stemmed from the realisation that implementing an application with code literally opens up opportunities in a technologically driven society.

This article presents the methods I use to ensure my programming skills are sharpened and continually improving. …

Your first steps to understanding a popular investing strategy that’s existed since the 17th century

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McDonald’s, the most popular fast-food restaurant franchise in the western world, has existed for over 50 years. McDonald’s reported annual revenue of $21 billion in 2018.

And you have the potential to share some of its profits.


McDonald's is a dividend-paying company, this means McDonald’s shares a percentage of its profit with individuals that buy McDonald's shares from the stock market(shareholders).

This article presented some necessary information on dividends and how dividend investing operates at a high level.

What is a Dividend?

A dividend is a portion of a corporation's profit paid to its shareholders over a specified time interval — monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly.

One of the easiest algorithms you’ll ever learn.

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Algorithms have a commonplace in the world of computing and machine learning. This article was probably recommended to you by the content recommendation algorithm behind Medium— all hail the Medium Algorithm!

An algorithm is a form of technology

On a more serious note, algorithms power social media applications, google search results, banking systems and plenty more. Algorithms are forms of technology. It’s paramount that Data Scientists and machine learning practitioners have an intuition for analysing, designing, and implementing standard and novel algorithms.

Efficient algorithms have saved companies several millions of dollars and reduced memory and energy consumption when applied to large scale computational tasks. …

How machine learning practitioners become an indispensable asset within any organisation.

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We live in a value driven society.

Time, money, and space are resources that we humans wake up every day to accumulate. Well, except for time, you only get 24 hours, like the rest of us.

This leads me to onto one of the core value propositions we as machine learning practitioners bring to an organisation: the ability to save time and cost, either through innovation or automation.

Here’s a question to consider as you read this article: how can you, a machine learning practitioner, ensure you stay valuable and essential within an organisation in a value-driven society?

This article should provide answers to that question. Five answers actually. …

By Richmond Alake

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This week I was amazed by the performance of the latest OpenAI project, DALL-E. DALL-E is a variant of the renowned GPT-3 that creates images from text prompts.

In my opinion, the next logical step is to use similar implementation methodology to develop a GPT-3 variant that generates video from text input, and perhaps we could see something along those lines from OpenAI later in 2021.

This Week

I came across several articles on Medium that captured the essence of the first few weeks of 2021. The articles I came across are collated and reviewed in a single article.

This year, I’ve decided to explore the world of algorithms and their implementation. …

Weekly Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Recommended Articles

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2021 seems to be taking the same path as the much detested 2020.

And some technical Medium writers have begun to capture a slice of the events that are occurring globally, from an ML practitioner viewpoint.

This article presents six well written and time-relevant articles that ML practitioners of varying levels will appreciate.

Here’s a taster of what to expect from this week’s recommended article:

  • An article covering methods AI will continue to support the healthcare industry post-pandemic.
  • Two articles focus on facial recognition, one conveying facial recognition for the indoctrination of a minority group and the other proposing methods by which facial recognition could support justice efforts. …

By Richmond Alake

2021 is well on its way. Most ML practitioners at this point will have their game plans for either upskilling, changing career or seeking new jobs.

Below are a collection of articles that encapsulate some useful articles published on Medium in the year 2020. Each of the articles included provides substantial value and information to any ML practitioner.

This Week

If you seek a path into the Computer Vision / Deep Learning aspect of the ML industry, I’ve written an article that will provide you with the information required to begin your transition. …

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