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Machine Learning Content Creator with 1M+ views— Computer Vision Engineer. Interested in gaining and sharing knowledge on Technology and Finance

My Plan and Strategy. Feel free to borrow

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The machine learning industry moves at the speed of innovation. Daily developments and progress pushes the frontier of ML and AI just that bit further.

As a practising machine learning engineer, it can be challenging to keep up with the pace of developments that occurs within the industry. I find that complacency, even for a short period, can set you back months or years behind the frontier of ML.

This article details some of the steps I’m taking in 2021 to stay relevant to the industry in terms of expertise and general domain knowledge. …

Deep Learning

Understand convolutional neural network receptors and pooling techniques.

Receptive Fields

Receptive fields are defined portions of space or spatial construct containing units that provide input to a set of units within a corresponding layer.

The receptive field is defined by the filter size of a layer within a convolution neural network. The receptive field is also an indication of the extent of the scope of input data a neuron or unit within a layer can be exposed to (see image below).

Illustration of local receptive fields

The local receptive field is a defined segmented area that is occupied by the content of input data that a neuron…

Productivity hacks, routines, habit trackers, and more

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Productivity is not a destination, it’s a journey.

The simple realisation that productivity is not a destination, goal or target but rather, a journey that’s approached at varying speeds allows us to accept the common shortcomings that we will encounter as we maximise our productivity.

The Machine Learning discipline is concerned with the optimisation and automation of processes. I find myself retraining machine learning models with different hyperparameters to squeeze out small unit accuracy. And if I encounter a repetitive task in any of my daily activities, my brain immediately works on ways of automating the manual process.

This is…

Try Teaching At Least One Person

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Teaching is the best form of learning; someone once said, not sure who.

Ever since I took my very first online course on Machine Learning taught by none other than Andrew Ng, I’ve been very eager to inform my colleagues and people about what I’ve learnt.

Relaying all information I got from my learnings back to curious individuals who wanted to know more about ML and AI techniques, improved my understanding of ML topics.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, and I’m still communicating information on what I’m currently studying. This time I’m not only telling people face…

One of the best Machine Learning books you should get your hands on

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow

If there is one book you should purchase to be prepared for machine learning in realistic environments, then Hands-On Machine Learning by Aurélien Géron is the holy grail for practical machine learning.

Most readers will have come across this book or its previous editions.

The book contains two parts.

The first part introduces typical machine learning concepts and techniques such as gradient descent, support vector machines, feature engineering, and many more. The first part also introduces SciKit-Learn, a popular machine learning library, along with some common visualization and wrangling tools.

The second…

A newsletter on life as a Machine Learning Engineer and Entrepreneur

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April was an exciting month for me, mainly because I stepped out of my comfort zone and safe space and dived into the world of pitching to investors and fundraising.

Overall I learnt a lot about communication and presentation, but the key takeaway from the experience was perseverance. Motivation is great but runs out pretty quickly. The key trait that’s common amongst revered and successful humans is their drive and ability to persevere.

Things might be hard, and at times hopeless, just remember nothing worthwhile comes easy.

This Week

The world of cryptocurrency is currently getting mainstream attention, and everyone seems to…

Exploring machine learning and its applicability in the world of cryptocurrency mining and trading.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


The world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is increasingly getting more exciting and rightfully so, as both Ethereum and Bitcoin have so far seen all-time highs in price in 2021. And not to mention an increase in the application of blockchain technology, especially with the rise in popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Like any technology, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have issues associated with security, utilisation, and efficiency. Beyond all the excitement and mainstream attention, there are reasonable efforts focused on solving significant blockchain-related problems.

This article will introduce a few of these said problems and the research efforts that are using machine…

Or any other similar property portals

Rightmove website homepage

Real Estate is a proven method of wealth maintenance and generation. It’s no surprise that Real estate as a sector has created a good number of billionaires and millionaires. The fact of the matter is, brick and mortar appeal to the innate human desire for security, ownership and status.

Real estate investment is almost an automatic consideration for individuals with an interest in generating wealth. So I’m building a catalogue of information and knowledge I accumulate as I explore the real estate industry.

This article contains over 13 tips that enable you to search for properties like a pro. Rightmove

Modernising the traditional CV

I’ve always viewed and utilised Notion as a productivity and organisation tool. With Notion, I plan my Medium posting schedule, take notes on research papers, set tasks reminders and structure my daily routine.

But using Notion as an online portfolio never crossed my mind until I came across YouTube videos and articles that presented portfolios made with Notion.

Most of the examples of portfolios made with Notion were from designers and artists. I decided to create a Notion portfolio that’s focused on a machine learning discipline.

This article details the steps and reasoning I’ve taken to create a Machine Learning/Data…

The network hack

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Nowadays, what it takes to get a company up and running is cash injections from individuals willing to take high-level risks on ideas or product prototypes.

These individuals are known as Venture Capitalists(VCs), Angel or Seed Investors. They’ve made companies such as Facebook, CRISPR, Deliveroo, UBER, Airbnb, and numerous more a reality.

So, What does it take to get a slice of a VC’s or Angel Investors’ capital?

Compelling ideas and your network are huge components, and after spending February fundraising, your network is a huge factor that determines if you raise enough funds or not.

“Your Network Is Your…

Richmond Alake

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